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     The Ministry of Healthcare will engage private clinics in broader provision of high-technological and operative interferences to the population with the minimal application of invasive methods of treatment, as well as the treatment and prevention of a wider range of diseases.

“The number of private medical organizations has increased from 2,2 to 3,3 thousand since 2012, while the volume of services provided by private medical organizations has grown from 30,6 billion up to 218,8 billion soums per annum, or 7.1 times over, experts note. During the same period, the number of medical establishments fitted out with high technological medical equipment, including those applying magnetic-resonance computer tomography, has increased from 21 up to 71, and those with ultra-sound diagnostic equipment at their disposal – from 382 up to 981. In just the last five years they purchased medical equipment to the amount of 166.8 billion soums, including 36.7 billion soums - on account of released funds provided to medical organizations on account of tax and customs privileges and benefits.
In a word, the private sector has turned into a reliable partner of the government on the development of the modern high technological medicine in the country. For the purpose of further development of this sector has been prepared a draft Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for further development of the private sector in the healthcare system”, which is currently undergoing the stage of discussion through the Legislative Acts’ Impact Assessment System.
It has been proposed, in particular, to approve an updated list of specialized medical activities, on the basis of which would be issued licenses to private medical organizations.
Private medical institutions shall be allowed to use the funds released from the payment of taxes and mandatory contributions, along with procurement of modern medical equipment, to buy accessories, spare parts and consumables for medical equipment, and articles of medical destination, and to use them for construction and reconstruction purposes, as well as repair of medical organizations’ buildings and facilities.  
Since Early This Year…
919.5 billion soums of capital investments has been disbursed for the implementation of measures on further raising the quality of educational process and medical services, construction and reconstruction of educational and medical facilities, as well as on fitting them out with all necessary inventory and equipment.
201.3 billion soums has been mastered on account of the Extra-budgetary Fund for development of the material and technical base of higher educational institutions, allocated for the construction and reconstruction of higher education institutions’ facilities.

      Works on construction and reconstruction of sport installations amounting to 285.5 billion soums have been performed at the expense of resources assigned by the Fund for development of children’s sport.
236 general educational schools for 86,300 places for pupils, two academic lyceums for accommodating 1,100 students, 21 professional colleges for 2,300 places, four academic lyceums and professional college dormitories for 550 cots, 24 medical establishments, 15 schools of music and arts, and 232 children’s sport facilities and such other structures have been commissioned in the country since the beginning of the year.
More than 12,000 individual modern design comfortable houses have been turned over for exploitation.
10.1 mln. sq. m. of housing, including 7.6 mln.sq.m. - in rural areas, as well as more than 1,6 thousand km of water supply networks, including 1,3 thousand km – in the countryside, have been commissioned.
     Works have been carried out on the improvement of the system for the protection of the family and childhood, consolidation of cooperation between the government authorities and public organizations on the ground in building up a strong, healthy and united family, on financing of which have been channeled more than 6,8 trillion soums and $150 million from all sources.

     Young people going to get married went through medical